Hello Jane: A Review of Greetings from Janeland, Plenitude Magazine

A Permanent Arc of Love: a review of the novel Theft by BK Loren

This Mormon Boy Gone Rogue Deserves a Loving God: a review of selected poems by Seth Brady Tucker

Book review of Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology stories in the Norwegian American: Norse goddesses cry, “Me too, Neil Gaiman!”

Snow’s poem, “Sestina for Adjuncts,” was published in the Fall 2016 edition of Rattle.

Work-in-Progress: Untitled Speculative Fiction. From the Sustainable Arts Foundation: “The troll mythology from your Norwegian background is really interesting. . . . This is strong speculative fiction. The action is clearly plotted and the pace is right on.”

Debut novel Glassmusic released by Conundrum Press in 2014: a literary, coming-of-age novel set in Norway.

Basic RGB

“Like Ingmar Bergman’s films, Snow’s creation is a world unto itself,” from Annie Dawid’s review

“A lyrical debut novel,” a review by Norwegian American Weekly

“Synchronicities in Glass,” a blog by the author about her novel

In the serene fjordlands of Norway in the early twentieth century, Ingrid has led a blissful childhood until, through no choice of her own, she becomes holder of her family’s secrets. Her father, a blind preacher who ministers through sacred music played on glassware, increasingly relies on Ingrid to see for him even as it threatens to tear apart his marriage. And after she witnesses an assault against her sister, Ingrid must decide when to speak and when to remain silent, whom to trust and when to run away. Glassmusic explores the sometimes devastating realities of loyalty and jealousy, with philosophy, music, and love serving as guides.

See an excerpt of Glassmusic along with excerpts of other works published by Conundrum Press, inside the first volume of The Conundrum (viewable for free online):


Snow’s poem, “Butterfly Boy,” was added to the Denver Poetry Map. It was originally published in Pooled Ink as an Editor’s Pick in the 2013 Northern Colorado Writers Contest.

The Wall of a Thousand Eyes,” winner of the 2007 Writers Studio Contest for narrative nonfiction, is featured in the Progenitor (p. 45 / p. 53 of pdf)

Click below for a sample of Snow’s professional writing. She wrote the following writing manual for her students at the Community College of Aurora:

Literary Elements

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